Strategy and Framework Consultant

  • Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Dec 14, 2017 - Dec 19, 2017
Consultancy International Development

Job Description


Under the supervision of the Coordinator of the Urban Planning and Design Branch (UPDB), the consultant will deliver the following services for Branch:

  • Monitor ongoing discussions around the indicators formulated for tracking urban dimensions of the SDGs, especially SDG11, and its relationship with the New Urban Agenda;
  • Research and analyse effective monitoring frameworks, including best practices and lessons learned, from other relevant international agendas and agreements;
  • Develop a monitoring framework for the New Urban Agenda implementation within the UPDB, including special consideration for the work and themes of its sub-units: Regional and Metropolitan Planning, City Planning, extension, and Design, and Climate Change Planning;
  • Work closely with the Research and Capacity Building Branch on integration of the UPDB monitoring and reporting framework with the larger Agency-wide framework for reporting on implementation of the New Urban Agenda;
  • Identify strategic opportunities for efficient integration of monitoring among projects, programmes and units;
  • Develop a timeline for the UPDB and its inputs in line with the quadrennial reports on the New Urban Agenda;
  • Collate inputs from UPDB external partners on monitoring priorities from meetings on implementation, including outcomes from the World Urban Forum in February 2018 and other relevant events; analyse and revise monitoring strategy and framework as needed;
  • Liaise and engage as needed to ensure that the necessary sub-units, programmes, initiatives, and networks are consulted and that their inputs and feedback are considered and incorporated to develop consensus on the framework; and
  • Develop documents related to the framework: leverage lessons learned, best practices, programme data, evaluations, and other information to generate parts of reports, communication and proposal pieces, and other high-quality, results-based documentation as needed.
  • Collate and develop results, outcomes and lessons learned from 2017 and 2018 with consideration of the Focus Areas and the Indicators of Achievement as laid out in the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan, particularly with a view to providing inputs to the Strategic Plan 2020-25.


  • Analysis of monitoring frameworks for related United Nations agendas and goals, with identification of overlap and opportunities;
  • Strategy for the meaningful integration of key UPDB partnerships in the context of NUA monitoring;
  • Monitoring framework for the New Urban Agenda for the UPDB;
  • Strategy, set of Guidelines, and Timeline for the UPDB to guide future reporting and inputs to the monitoring framework;
  • Report on results, impacts and lessons learned from 2017 and 2018 in relation to the Strategic Plan ending in 2019, also as an input into preparations for forthcoming Strategic Plan 2020-25; and
  • Report components, documentation, and communications materials related to these undertakings as needed.