Fertilizer Logistics Specialist

  • One Acre Fund
  • Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
Contract Finance

Job Description


The Fertilizer Logistics Specialist will include:

  • Coordinate the importation, re-exports, freighting and ground transport for thousands of tons of fertilizer and agrochemicals every year.
  • Provide logistics support and guidance to country teams by building up regional supply chain knowledge and negotiating contracts.
  • Stay at the forefront of regulations and policies surrounding the delivery of fertilizer and agrochemicals throughout East and Southern Africa.
  • Build relationships with leaders in the East African logistics industry to stay at the forefront of shifts in the global industry – you know who to call no matter what clearance or transport problem arises.
  • Manage logistics supplier relationships and coordinate between suppliers and in-country teams to deliver the best service possible to the farmers we serve.
  • Oversee fertilizer loading and delivery operations in person as necessary – will involve travel to Mombasa and Dar.
  • Prevent fraud and corruption challenges along the value chain.
  • Implement standardized practices to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service.
  • Ensure consistent, predictable services by tracking performance against a set of measurable and useful KPIs.
  • Create process checklists to guarantee adherence to standard operating procedures.
  • Plan fertilizer movements down to a tee at the start of each delivery cycle and communicate these movements to suppliers and internal clients.
  • Hold logistics suppliers accountable to pick up and delivery schedules through rock-solid contracts, communication channels, and supplier relationships.
  • Mentor supply chain staff to build leadership and operational skills.
  • Coach the team to identify high quality, high level suppliers and how to negotiate for best pricing and terms – especially on logistics projects.
  • Work with multi-national staff and suppliers.
  • Become familiar with One Acre Fund teams and structures to ensure your team is effectively supporting their internal clients.
  • Work closely with logistics and other internal teams to minimize delivered costs and reduce overall spend.
  • Deliver process transparency to your internal clients.

We are seeking exceptional professionals with experience in and a passion for logistics and supply chain. Experience in an entrepreneurial environment is a plus.

Candidates that meet the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  •  A minimum of 3 years work experience in a demanding professional environment, preferably in positions where frequent cross-department communication was required
  • Candidates with Finance, Economics, Statistics & Engineering background are encouraged to apply
  • Experience in operations, logistics, and/or supply chains strongly preferred
  • Creativity and strong problem solving skills. You don’t take no for an answer and constantly look for alternative solutions to problems
  • A passion for world class customer service
  • Outstanding communication skills with suppliers, reports, peers and management
  • Strong project management skills and proven experience managing complex projects
  • Strong excel skills a plus
  • Humility – you can admit when you’re wrong and put our clients first in all that you do
  • Leadership experience at work or outside of work
  • Ability to work and make decisions independently
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Top-performing academic background
  • Language: English required, French and Swahili preferred