Quality Assurance & Certification expert - Off-grid solar

  • Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)
  • Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Dec 18, 2017 - Dec 29, 2017
Contract QA-Quality Control

Job Description


SNV will be tendering for a donor-funded multi-country Programme in Sub Saharan Africa (14 countries), which is anticipated later this year and will focus on Off-Grid Renewable Energy market development with a strong emphasis on consumer awareness, private sector development and creating an enabling environment for Solar Home Systems markets.

Overview of the Position

The Quality Assurance & Certification Expert will set-up or further develop an existing quality assurance programme for pico-solar products, including a quality testing framework, and promote adoption by governments, businesses and consumers and coordinate with other large off-grid solar programmes.  The Expert will work in close coordination with Lighting Africa, which has developed a quality assurance framework in order to protect consumers and prevent the eroding of confidence in off-grid products in the process. This framework includes test methods, quality standards, and a product testing and verification program that has evaluated 225 off-grid solar products since 2009.

This position reports to the Team Leader of the programme and works with Country Focal Points and other experts.

Key Responsibilities

  • Set-up or further develop an existing quality assurance programme for pico-solar products aiming to set a baseline level for quality, durability and to ensure truth in advertising in order to create trust in the market and products;
  • Implement measures to avoid market spoilage from infiltration of low-quality products;
  • Support  quality  assurance  market  surveillance  activities,  including  market check testing of products that meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards;
  • (Further) develop a quality testing framework to verify that quality assured products that are delivered to the market continue to meet the standards over time;
  • Promote adoption of a quality standard by governments and businesses and coordinate with other large off-grid solar programmes;
  • Actively  promote  the  use  of  quality  standards  to  supply  chain actors  such  as  product  distributors  and  micro-finance  institutions;
  • Regular engagement  with  stakeholders  and  policy-makers regarding implementation of the quality assurance strategy;
  • Stimulate promotion among customers;
  • Support product development to a range of aspirational products that can help consumers in moving up the energy ladder.
  • Academic qualification in engineering, energy or business;
  • Experience working in private sector development/enabling programmes, demonstrating a strong understanding of consumer markets;
  • Experience in setting up quality assurance programmes and promoting quality certificates;
  • Experience working in off-grid renewable energy preferred;
  • Sub-Saharan Africa work experience is essential;
  • Strong networking and communication skills.