Kenya Forestry - Timber Value Chain Adviser (International)

  • FCG Sweden
  • Dec 18, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018
Contract Supply Chain

Job Description

Timber Value Chain Adviser (International)

Preliminary scope of work

  • Support and develop all Programme activities in timber value chain development including development of forest management as well as SMEs along forest value chain
  • Support liaison with County Government as well as developing their capabilities in service delivery in forestry
  • Facilitate development of farm forestry including; service delivery arrangements, organisational strengthening as well as wood marketing mechanisms
  • Assess together with CTA and Forest Management and Value Chain Expert potential service providers, develop service delivery models, select service providers as well as develop TORs and contractual arrangements
  • Facilitate strengthening of CFAs
  • Facilitate appropriate legal support as necessary based on demand of tree growers during implementation of harvesting and marketing
  • Liaise and coordinate with outsourced service providers and farmers/communities to ensure a consistent understanding and implementation of the overall forest utilization and market approach and activities
  • Support selected practical actions such as facilitation of buyers contracts and linkages with forest processing enterprises and other relevant institutions

General qualifications required

MSc Forest economics, Forest Management, Natural resources economics, natural resources management or other relevant discipline. Fluency in both spoken and written English.

Professional experience

  • 10 years’ experience in technical areas relevant to the assignment
  • Working experience in commercial forestry and particularly timber-based value chain- and SME development including economic analysis and feasibility studies
  • Experience in development of producer organisations and community/village level associations
  • Demonstrated capacity to facilitate participatory multi-stakeholder processes in commercial forestry operations
  • Proven experience in working alongside smalls scale tree growers and local communities as resource managers or local entrepreneurs
  • Experience in setting up service provision models and PPPs
  • Experience in Results Based Management

Duration: 2 years (start 4/2018)