Budget and Programming Officer

  • World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dec 19, 2017 - Dec 19, 2017
Full time Programming

Job Description


Education  :

Advanced University degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or other relevant field, or First University degree with additional years of related work

                     Experience and/or training/courses.

Experience : 

  • At least 7 years’ experience working across functional areas to address resource issues.

  • Has managed/overseen significant budgets/pipelines/supply  chain  or operational planning and execution activities.       

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Understand and communicate WFP Strategic Objectives and how the B&P function in RBN contributes to them. Ability to communicate to communicate linkages between the WFP Strategic objectives and the RBN B&P team objectives and work.
  • Proactively identify and develop new methods or improvements to address work challenges within B&P work area.
  •  Look for ways to strengthen team's skills.
  • Provide and solicit ongoing constructive feedback on strengths and development opportunities to help develop individual skills, whilst also helping others identify areas for   improvement
  •  Sets clear targets for self and others to focus team efforts in ambiguous situations (e.g., unprecedented issues and/or scenarios).
  • Encourage innovation & creative solutions.
  • Maintains focus on achieving individual results in the face of obstacles such as volatile or fragile environments and/or organizational roadblocks.
  • Takes personal accountability for upholding and delivering upon team’s commitments and provides assurance to stakeholders
  • Demonstrate ability to adjust to team’s plans and priorities to optimize outcomes in light of evolving directives, while also responding quickly in high pressure environments, such as in emergency settings.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of when and how to tactfully engage other units in conversations on impact, timing, or planning
  • Networks regularly with key partners using formal and informal opportunities to understand each partner’s unique value proposition, and to build and strengthen relationships
  • Ability to adapt engagement approach in the context of evolving partner circumstances and expectations

  Language :

  • Fluency ( Level C) in Englisg Language . Intermediate knowledge ( Level B ) of a second UN Language ( preferably French.)

 KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

  •  Participate in the formulation and implementation of plans, policies and procedures for budget and programming activities (Management Plan, Project budgets, Country Office Management Plan, Annual Performance Plan etc …), ensuring the Regional Budget and Programming Unit objectives are achieved and contribute to the Regional Strategy and Regional CO’s Strategies in compliance with corporate and functional strategies
  • Review project budget plans, including the new Country Portfolio Budgets for RBN Country Strategic Plans, and monitor ongoing project performance against budget, ensuring adherence to guidance and policies, and providing financial analysis and technical advice to optimise resources.
  • Review Implementation plans for Cos in the Regional, ensuring they are accurate and include the documentation of relevant assumptions. Lead Regional B&P Team to ensure CO are monitoring the monthly their implementation plan versus the actuals and recommend actions to avoid any significant deviation (deficit / surplus). Monitor ongoing project performance against implementation plan budget, ensuring adherence to guidance and policies, and providing financial analysis and technical advice to optimise resources.
  • Monitor and provide technical advice on fund utilisation and advance financing, loan and borrowing/repayment and refinancing arrangements; alerting Country/Regional Directors to approaching deadlines for unassigned funds and potential resource shortfalls/surpluses, and presenting clear solutions.
  • Monitor and provide expert advice on actions related to project closure and resource transfer, especially with the transition of Cos in the Region to the Country Strategic Plans and Country Portfolio Budgets.
  • Plan, monitor and manage the resource pipeline to maximise operational effectiveness, implementing and adhering to standards and processes, and providing advice on resource allocations based on severity of pipeline shortfalls using relevant pipeline tools
  • Provide food demand plans to support management and usage of corporate Global Commodity Financial Facility and provide recommendations to Regional Management and HQ on how to best address competing CO’s priorities, understanding the context and operational realities on the ground.
  • Oversee the creation of correct budget (needs based and implementation plan) and project documentation, and ensure relevant resource data is recorded in internal systems for reference, in line with WFP standards and procedures.
  • Coordinate accurate reporting, to provide consistent information for Regional / CO and HQ stakeholders, and to identify trends/issues; presenting clear recommendations to support decision making by Regional / CO senior management
  • Develop and present innovative recommendations to Regional senior officers for improvement to systems, techniques, tools, processes and procedures to better monitor and manage budgets and funds, especially with the implementation of Integrated Road Map.
  • Build capacity of Regional B&P staff in budgeting, fund management and operational planning through designing and delivering training, coaching, guidelines and manuals.
  • Represent the unit at internal meetings/committees/working groups as required, in order to contribute to discussion of key issues from a budget and resource programming perspective.
  • Lead and motivate Regional B&P team, providing coaching, training and guidance to ensure appropriate development and enable high performance.
  • Contribute to preparedness actions, providing technical recommendations and guidance and periodically monitoring the management and implementation of the Integrated Road Map in the Region, highlighting the risks and reporting on any actions taken
  • Other as required.


  •  Successful implementation of the Integrated Road Map in Country Offices in the Region, including the design of Country Portfolio Budget and the accurate and timely Implementation Plans;
  • Monthly Supply Chain Working Group Meetings are effectively led and outcomes are used for RBN Prioritisation and GCMF Planning – Lead the Regional demand and GCMF discussions and coordinate related to pipeline shortfalls and GCMF planning documentation.
  • Enough GCMF inventory is available for the Eat Africa Zone according to the RBN COs demand and expected resources and other CO served by the same planning zone;
  • Demand Planning and Supply Chain management: Lead and Integrate with other RBN Stakeholders (Donor Relations, Programme, Procurement Logistics, Finance) to reduce lead times and increase corporate efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Ensure GCMF is the main supply line in RBN Countries;
  • Support emergencies in the Region as required, attending Operational Task Force, HQ and Regional meetings are required;
  • Support Regional management in the coordination of corporate initiatives to increase supply of nutritional and other products sourced locally in Africa e.g. Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Rwanda and Ethiopia;
  • Lead the Regional B&P Team to ensure no deficit or surplus are accumulated in RBN Operations through the maximisation of the utilisation  of donor contributions;
  • Support Regional Management in the prioritisation of operations for Multilateral funding allocation and in cases of urgent competing needs in the Region have to be addressed by temporary  limited availability of GCMF commodities;