Fundi Quality Control Associate

  • LYNK
  • Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Jan 17, 2018 - Feb 17, 2018
Full time QA-Quality Control

Job Description


Have exceptionally high standards, and know how to work with fundis to get them to work with quality and speed. You are strict, willing to be tough, and don’t accept ‘ok’ as good enough, but can also use a softer support, coaching, and training approach where required.


A bit about the role:

As the Quality Control Associate, you will be responsible for conducting quality control on jobs done by fundis, particularly furniture makers, and supporting other blue collar professionals to thrive on the Lynk platform. The main areas of work are:

1. Field quality control

  • Conducting site visits to assess quality of physical products
  • Conducting spot checks on service delivery
  • Project managing jobs that go wrong
  • Interviewing and speaking with customers to assess quality

2. Coaching on platform usage

  • Providing phone-based coaching on quoting and planning for new Pros on the system
  • Identifying methods to increase ‘conversion’ - the number of Pros getting their first jobs - and implementing with teams
  • Leading orientation and training sessions where required

3. Ongoing worker audit

  • Using existing dashboards and databases to identify underperforming Pros
  • Using existing SMS- and outreach technologies to follow-up
  • Conducting debrief meetings with those being removed from the system


Successful candidates will have all or most of these qualifications:

  • 2-3 years experience of management of fundis
  • Excellent computer skills, including ability to use databases and Excel
  • Strong written English