• National Police Service Commission
  • Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Oct 11, 2017 - Oct 17, 2017
Full time Administration

Job Description

Operational Responsibilities

(i) Accurately record, file and distribute all inward and outward correspondence to ensure timely delivery of documents

(ii) Accurately store, arrange, index and classify records to ensure smooth running of the institution

(iii) Assist in processing payment vouchers to internal and external suppliers.

(iv) Assist staff with requests to locate and retrieve documents that had been archived

(v) Process payments in respect of Salaries to counter check accurate payments are being disbursed

(vi) Open files and ensure accurate data is inputted into the accounts records

(vii) Prepare payment vouchers which include Surrenders, refunds and payments to maintain timely payments

(viii) Prepare Imprest Warrants to ensure set accounting standards are being followed in regards to release of imprest

(ix) Record and maintain Imprest memorandum to maintain tracking

(x) Ensure accounts records and registers are maintained and updated

(xi) Receive memos and support documents to ensure proper payments are released to the respective parties.

(xii) Accurately record and file accounts correspondences to ensure timely and accurate payments

(xiii) Fill payment vouchers accurately to ensure proper payments are disbursed

(xiv) Ensure data is entered correctly to maintain proper accounting standards are followed

(xv) Check computation of salaries to eliminate any discrepancies in the payroll before payments

Operational Responsibilities

a) Qualifications Knowledge and Skills:

(i) K.C.S.E minimum grade, C- (minus)

(ii) Computer Literacy